How To Surprise Your Students on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away! I swore to myself that I would brainstorm small gift ideas for my students earlier in the month and here we are again, less than a week and just barely deciding on one craft project. My inspiration this year was my adorable best friend. Her and I went shopping together last week and she told me about a Valentine’s Day care package she was putting together for her nieces and nephews. Aside from the card and a few other treats, she showed me these super cute “robots” she made out of candy and juice boxes:

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5 Fun Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Do you get stressed every year, say around Valentine’s Day? If you’re dating someone or are married, every year it becomes increasingly difficult to top the gift from the year before. It’s easy to lose sight of the how special it can be to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. I know it sounds cliche, but the amount you spend on the gift really shouldn’t be the focus. If you’re too stressed, you may need to take a second to breathe and make a list of all the things your significant other, or best friend (it is a holiday about friendship too, you know!) likes or perhaps a list of words that describe them perfectly. This will help you jumpstart your brainstorming. Seriously, get your pen and paper out. Now. Or open a Post-It app on your phone. That works too. Continue reading

Cookie Exchange Party Made Easy

The holidays always inspire us to eat our weight in delicious foods, delicacies and dessert-bring on the dessert! The nearest holiday would be Valentine’s Day so we’ll take that theme, but keep in mind that a Cookie Exchange Party could be tailored to fit any holiday. You don’t necessarily need a significant other in order to celebrate Valeninte’s Day, so long as you celebrate your loved ones. Continue reading

Candy Themed Table Centerpieces & Favors - DIY

Valentine’s Day is already about a month away. This holiday is always full of grumps who hate it or lovebirds who are way too excited. I was making table centerpieces for a friend’s party recently and I figured it would be simple to apply the same concept to a centerpiece, gift or favor except make it candy themed-these would be perfect for those grumps that need a smile or something to sweeten their day! Continue reading

Heart Shaped Vanilla Cookies

Whether it’s a card from your niece or sibling, a box of conversation hearts or a fluffy teddy bear, any nice gesture makes a person’s day…especially on Valentine’s Day. Yeah, yeah, so it’s an over commercialized holiday. So what? You don’t have to empty your wallet to make someone feel special.

My mother loves baking cookies and pastries for the elderly people in our neighborhood. She chooses a different flavor each year and has the little ones decorate them with sugar, frosting and colorful sprinkles. The presentation is a huge part of the deal. She either uses hot pink cellophane to cover a Valentine Themed Plate or she arranges them nicely in a themed cookie box. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is only a month away and I know I’m not the only one that has trouble finding (or making) the perfect gift for my significant other.In light of the state of the economy, I’m sure homemade gifts will be quite popular this year. Homemade gifts are much more special because they’re one of a kind. Heart shaped foil and paper doilies make beautiful card accents and felt treat bags make beautiful jewelry gift bags. If you’re completely clueless, take a gander at the following gift ideas:

  1. Picture frame w/a memorable photograph
  2. Jewelry (bracelets never hurt anyone!)
  3. Couples spa day (or set one up at home! check out our paper bath mats)
  4. Perfume / cologne
  5. Fresh flowers (we love them!)
  6. Chocolate (mmmm…)
  7. Mixed CD
  8. Romantic dinner
  9. Handmade card
  10. Purses/Wallets

Good Luck! :-)

Entertaining For Valentine’s Day

Why not make Valentine’s Day a bit more special for your guests with specialty placemats with coordinating napkins and doilies?  By coordinating your tableware for the holidays, the atmosphere is more festive and special for your guests.  Investing in disposable placemats and napkins makes for easy clean up while still creating that special mood.  Plus, they are paper, which makes them biodegradable and kind to the environment.  Continue reading