Congratulations, Class of 2009!

My sister graduated from high school yesterday. Nowadays, a high school diploma is a must if you want to earn a paycheck that will get you more than just dinner. More than 90% of her graduating class will be pursuing a higher education next year and boy, is that an accomplishment. Although many high schools encourage high school students to go to college by showing them graphs, charts and statistics, I believe it’s important to share personal college experience to leave a real impression.

In my last year of college, a professor passed around a story about a student’s hard earned success. He didn’t tell us it was about him right away and instead let us discuss the details first. He was an immigrant when he was pursuing his education and in spite of all the hardships and hurdles, he succeeded and graduated. It is amazing what pure drive and determination can do for a person’s dream.

Because of the upcoming wedding, a lot of family is down here visiting so, what was going to be a small barbecue turned into quite the ordeal. I had picked up a few graduation themed party items for when it came time to celebrate. My all time favorite: the Congratulation Graduate Imprintable Party Invitations; they are so adorable and I love that you can compose your own message.

It’s important to celebrate major accomplishments and let the hardworking student know that his/her effort paid off. Parents, even if your son/daughter seems to be living on cloud 9, don’t stop encouraging them to pursue their dreams. They’ll love you more for it later.

P.S. Congratulations Class of 2009!! :-D

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