Cool Evening Party Ideas For Summer

When The Sun Goes Down, The Fun Is Just Beginning!

With summer now upon us and the rays from the hot sun beating down, it can be a daunting task to put together an outdoor party. Even with cold drinks and a pool, sometimes the heat is just too much for guests to stay comfortable. However, you do have other options. A great way to keep your guests cool and happy is to host your party at night. A late evening start time when the sun is just setting will make sure that your guests are arriving just as the oppressive heat from the day is receding. A cool summer night will have you wanting to stay up until the sunrise, and here are some ideas for how to make it happen.

Night Party

Movie Night

When the sun goes down, and a cool summer breeze is blowing, you have the perfect opportunity to host a movie night in your backyard. Set up a projector and use a blank wall outside or a hanging white sheet to play movies from your laptop. Chances are the speakers you already own can be used to play the movie loud enough for all your guests. Lawn chairs and patio furniture can be easily arranged into a makeshift theatre, or even make it a drive-in if you have the space.

People are probably going to still want to socialize, so consider starting your party an hour before the sun goes down, so guests can talk and say hello before the movie starts. An intermission can also go a long way towards keeping people happy, especially if the movie has a long run time. An outdoor movie night can be a fun change of pace from all the barbeques and pool parties this summer.

Late Evening Dinner Party

For a more formal affair, make a guest list, and try dining outside one evening. A setting sun is a fantastic backdrop for a dinner with your closest friends. After dinner you have all the time you need to hang out and chat under the stars. Add to the ambience with some inexpensive white candles. Place a line of votive candles around your pool or sidewalk to instantly add a festive feel to your yard. Of course you can grill, but you might want to try some cool summer dishes like potato salad, fresh fruit, or a cold chicken recipe.

Mosquitos can be a problem with any outdoor summertime activity, and this pest can be especially irksome at night. Make sure you have some kind of repellant for yourself and your guests so that you aren’t too busy swatting at bugs to have fun. Bug spray will work, but there are also mosquito repellant torches and other devices that work quite well.

Whatever kind of nighttime activities you offer for your guests, we can provide you with all the premium party supplies you will need. Check out our full inventory of supplies, or contact us today to get started!

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