Creative Uses for Leftover Party Supplies


How many times have you cleaned up after a party, only to find that you still have a few unused paper cups, plates, and napkins left over? Maybe you even bought too many tablecloths, or didn’t use all your decorations. You hate to throw away such fun reminders of a good time, but what else can you do with them?

Plenty, as it turns out! Rather than tossing those leftover party supplies, why not recycle them into creative crafts? Whether you want to use up the last few construction-themed plates from your son’s 5th birthday party, or make the napkins from your bridal shower into a keepsake, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to use up those leftover supplies!

Leftover Party Supplies


No matter what occasion your party was celebrating, it’s sure to have created some great memories. Why not preserve those memories so you can relive them again and again? Anyone - from young children to adults – can have fun putting together a simple scrapbook with napkins, plates, and decorations from a meaningful party.

Your keepsake can be as elaborate or as basic as you choose. You could buy a themed scrapbook from your local craft supply store, complete with sticker sets and colorful pages, and place a few of your leftover party supplies on each page, along with photos of the event, and any other related memorabilia. Or, you could keep it simple, and use a folder or binder filled with notebook paper, instead. For children especially, this makes for a fun and easy project. Simply glue party supplies onto each page, and add a few captions as reminders of the big day. Regardless of which route you choose, your scrapbook is sure to remain a treasured keepsake.

Room Décor

If something was worth celebrating with a party, then why take down the festive décor after just one day? Continue the celebration by repurposing party decorations to work as semi-permanent room decorations!

Is your child obsessed with pirates or ponies? Hang their themed birthday banner on a wall in their room, so they can enjoy it for weeks after the party. And what new high school grad wouldn’t love to display their graduation party décor in their bedroom right up until the day they leave for college? Not only will the decorations themselves bring a smile to their faces every day, they’ll also serve as reminders of the great time had by all at the party.

Fun and Games

Sometimes, it’s more fun to use leftover party supplies than to preserve them. Tape several tablecloths together into one huge sheet, and let your children use it as a cover for a fort! You can also stage a pretty impressive water balloon fight with leftover party balloons.

If you’re looking for a project that will keep a group happily and creatively occupied for a while, set out the scissors, glue, tape, and string, along with other art supplies such as glitter and pipe cleaners, and let your little artists create masks out of leftover paper plates.

Do you have any other ideas for using up leftover party supplies? We’d love to hear them! Share them with us in the comments section below!

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