Custom Baby Shower Creations

Baby registries are wonderful because you personally get to select about a million gifts that you could actually use and/or want. If your friends are the baby-registry-checking-type, then great! If not, then you probably have an unopened sack of unusable gifts in the corner of the nursery somewhere.

New mothers, but mostly first-time mothers, love unique gifts that they can keep and show their son/daughter down the road when they’re older. If time allows, a gift-making gathering could be fun and memorable for everyone, including the unborn baby (although he/she will have to wait to enjoy the memories in the future). Suggests that your party guests create a handmade gift for the new baby. The creation can be anything from fabric wall hangings, to baby bibs decorated with fabric paint, or knitted squares for a baby blanket or a cloth book.

The possibilities are literally endless. It’s truly the thought that counts.

Check out our latest Baby Shower Party Supplies. Modern Baby and Tiny Toes will do wonders for your event. :-)

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