Decorating for A Mexican Independence Day Party

My good friend’s (and co-worker) in-laws host a Mexican Independence Day party every year, and every year it gets more and more elaborate. That doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Some people are just natural hosts and power to them. This holiday is celebrated on September 15, not to be confused with Cinco de Mayo. Claudia was kind of enough to snap a few pictures for us to share with you. I think they provide a pretty great outline of amazing way to decorate for a Mexican Independence Day Fiesta! Viva Mexico!:

Mexican Fiesta Party Supplies

Mexican Fiesta Party Supplies

Our Fiesta Party Supplies are packaged in bulk, like everything else on our site, so they’re perfect for your large gathering. Use a serape blanket as a table cover and arrange your tableware supplies artfully for your guests. If you’re celebrating your heritage, chances are someone in your family owns this print on a blanket.

20130914_163759Sombreros are large enough to use as centerpieces, not surprisingly. Ask friends and family to bring their extra sombreros and arrange candy or authentic treats on top. You don’t have to spend much other than on the treats!

20130914_163645Connect or mix & match tissue garlands and lace plastic flags to decorate your ceilings, tables and bar area. You don’t need too much of this decor to set the mood either!

20130914_163836What’s a fiesta without a pitcher of Strawberry Margarita? Make a Costco or Sam’s Club run for the value size bottles. Pour over ice and voila!

20130914_163638Plastic or Paper Table Covers will work well for this type of semi-casual event. It really does depend on the overall decor look that you’re going for.


Claudia & Jordan

20130914_172856 20130914_172332By the way, this party requires you to dress in authentic attire. Last year there was a costume for the best dressed. The baby outfits are the best! Enjoy!

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