DIY Easter Projects For Kids That Will Get Your Party Hoppin!

These fun Easter activities will keep your kids entertained all afternoon.

Now that we have entered the month of April, it is time to start planning out your annual Easter party. Whether you are having a classic Easter brunch filled with tasty treats and happy conversation, or an all-out Easter egg hunt for all of the kids (and let’s not forget the grown-ups) in your family, you also want to make sure that you are adding a little bit of fun into your Easter afternoon!

To help you prepare for the upcoming Easter holiday, in addition to providing you with all of the holiday-themed plates and decorations that you may need for your party, we here at My Paper Shop have also put together a few fun DIY Easter projects that will get your holiday party hoppin’!

Easter DIY

Decorating Easter Eggs

It just wouldn’t be an Easter party without bright, colorful Easter eggs! However, this year, why not take it one step further than simply dunking hard boiled eggs into food coloring and get a little creative instead? Here are a few fun ways in which you can get imaginative with decorating your Easter eggs this year:

  • Splatter paint your eggs - Give your kids a paint brush and all the paint colors of the rainbow, and have them flick the paint onto the eggs for a fun splatter-paint effect. However, don’t forget to lay down some newspaper, as splatter painting can get quite messy. (That’s half the fun!)
  • Add a bit of bling - Really step up your Easter egg decoration by adding a bit of sparkle to your project! You can use things such as glitter glue, stick on jewels or even sparkly stickers to add a bit of bling to your Easter eggs.
  • Use chalkboard paint - Creating your own custom chalkboard paint is easier than ever (click here for a tutorial). Therefore, mix up a concoction of different colored chalk paint for your children to paint their eggs with, and then they can use chalk to create custom designs that can be erased and re-drawn over and over again for never ending fun!

Paper Plate Easter Bunnies

You don’t want to forget everyone’s favorite rabbit, The Easter Bunny, on this special holiday! Help your kids create their own Easter Bunny to hang up in their room, in their school locker or even on the fridge. This craft is easy for kids of all ages, and requires just a few simple supplies and a couple of steps to complete.


  • A paper plate
  • Different colored craft paper
  • White string
  • Colored markers
  • Glue


  1. Fold a paper plate in half and glue the two sides together so the plate remains folded.
  2. Cut out two long oval shapes for the rabbit’s ears. Glue both pieces of paper to one side of the plate, along the flat edge, sticking up so they appear above the plate.
  3. Color the plate and ears whatever color you want your rabbit to be.
  4. Draw a face on your rabbit using a colored marker.
  5. Cut your string into 6 small sections that are 3 inches long each. Glue three pieces of string on each side of your rabbit’s nose to create whiskers.
  6. Hang up your finished rabbit somewhere where everyone can see him!

What are some of your favorite Easter crafts that you liked to create as kids? Be sure to leave them in the comments below! Also, if you create either of the DIY Easter projects above, be sure to share photos on our My Paper Shop Facebook or Twitter page. Hoppy Easter!

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