DIY Romantic and Personal Gifts For A Bridal Shower

Two simple, yet romantic bridal shower gifts for the new bride.

Now that wedding season is just a couple of months away, you may find yourself with a handful of wedding shower invitations for all of the Summer 2014 brides in your life. While bridal showers are a great way to kick off wedding season and get excited about the nuptials that you have ahead of yourself this summer, it is also a great chance for family and friends to give helpful gifts to the new couple in order to help them prepare for their new life together.

However, if you are struggling to find a gift on the couples registry that is romantic and personal, why not craft a gift of your own? DIY bridal shower gifts are a great way to show how much you care for the couple, and also to express your excitement for their wedding in a much more personal and heartfelt way than a regular registry gift.


To help give you some DIY bridal shower gift inspiration, here are two easy, DIY bridal shower gifts that are both very romantic and sweetly personal.

1. Wine Box Filled With Future Memories

When all of the biggest moments in your life occur, you typically bring out a bottle of wine or champagne in order to celebrate! Therefore, why not prepare the couple-to-be for the biggest moments of their life together with an assortment of wine to help them through each special occasion.

Simply gather a wood wine crate or divided wine box from a local grocery or liquor store, and then pick out a number of different wines that you think are perfect for big celebrations. The amount of bottles you choose is completely up to you and how many occasions you want to represent! Next, great a date tag for each wine bottle representing an occasion to celebrate. Here are some examples:

  • “Open this bottle when you have moved in to your first home together!”
  • “Open this bottle on your first wedding anniversary!”
  • “Open this bottle when you need to cool down after your first big fight.”
  • “Have the groom open this bottle when the pregnancy test comes back positive!”
  • “Open this bottle to accompany your first home-cooked meal as newlyweds!”

The occasions that you choose to honor with your wine bottles can be as romantic, as funny, or as personal as you want. For instance, if the couple really into sports? Throw in a couple of occasions that include their favorite team! The possibilities are limitless.

2. A Weekend Staycation Basket

Sometimes life keeps us too busy to go on long multi-week vacation, especially in our first couple years of marriage. Therefore, why not prepare the new couple for a fun vacation that can take place over the course of a short weekend, and can be done in their own backyard if they can’t find the time to get away? “Staycations” are a new trend for young couples, where they take a short vacation somewhere in their own town, but get to have all of the fun and adventure of a regular vacation!

Help the newlyweds prepare for their own staycation by creating a getaway basket that focuses on a set theme. For instance, buy them everything they need for a camping trip in the backyard—a tent, s’more supplies, an inflatable mattress, card games, insect repellent, and more! Throw it all in a big gift basket, and you’ve got a great personalized gift. The staycation that you prepare for their bridal shower gift can be completely customized based on the couple.

Here are a couple of great staycation basket ideas for bridal showers:

  • Sports weekend: Is the couple a big fan of a particular sports teams? Buy them tickets to an upcoming game, along with matching shirts, cheering supplies, and dinner at a nice restaurant beforehand.
  • Movie weekend: A great gift for any movie buff! Simply buy them a gift card to their local movie theatre, along with a few copies of their favorite movies to jumpstart their new movie collection at home. It also wouldn’t be movie night without popcorn, candy and soda!
  • A pampering weekend: Nothing is better than being able to escape at a spa after a stressful week. Therefore, pick up some massage coupons for the couple that will help them get away when they are feeling stressed! You could even include a certificate for a manicure and pedicure for the bride, along with some nail polish, massage oils, and his and her’s bath robes!

If you create any of the gifts that we mentioned above, be sure to let us know! Share your photos on our My Paper Shop Facebook wall, or even Tweet us a photo! Happy Crafting!

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