Earth Day 2011

Earth Day, this year and every year, is on April 22nd. It’s the one official day of the year that we set aside to truly focus on putting together positive events and volunteer groups geared towards cleaning up our environment.

There are, of course, those individuals that do this year-round and we definitely owe them a token of our appreciation. There are so many little steps that can be taken to promote a cleaner environment. We can carpool to work, for example, or use reusable water bottles at work, or switch completely to automatic hand dryers instead of paper towels in business restrooms.

Changes don’t need to happen immediately, obviously. If it is not financially possible to switch to a commercial hand dryer in the building in which you work, suggest Recycled Guest Hand Towels as an alternative. These are usually slightly more economical or in some cases similarly priced. Most companies like to host monthly employee birthday parties. It may also be possible to use Recycled Themed Party Supplies to celebrate and decorate for the occasion.

Baby steps, baby steps.

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