Family Fun Centers: Bring In More Business With the Right Party Supplies!

There’s no denying that there’s something magical about family fun centers. From bowling to laser tag, and from arcade games to mini golf, family fun centers provide something for everyone. Kids love them for their excitement and variety, and moms love them because they make it so easy to keep the whole family – or even a crowd of kiddos – happy for hours.

So what could possibly add to the allure of a family fun center, and help it appeal to an even wider audience - and bring in even more business?

The right paper products and party supplies.


Think about it. The biggest craze in food and drink right now is snapping photos to post on Instagram. But food has to look uniquely appetizing in order to inspire this sort of tribute. Why not up your chances of getting free advertising on your customers’ social media feeds by dressing your food to the nines with designer paper products? A burger and fries in a white paper basket can’t hold a candle to the same meal set off by fiesta colors and garnished with a pepper, for example.

Unique paper products also allow your family fun center to add special meals and deals to your menu that support a cause. Let families order the breast cancer awareness combo, which comes on a pink ribbon plate, and donate 10% of the proceeds to charity. Serve all your meals on camouflage plates for the entire week of Veteran’s Day, to show your pride in those who serve our nation. Or start using all recycled party supplies to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

And never discount the power of color on impulse buys. Picture this:A family is bowling, when their youngest notices that the kids using the next lane over have snacks and drinks. It’s not just the food that catches his eye, though – it’s the fact that the cups and napkins are all his favorite color – bright blue! Suddenly, he has to have what they’re having, and nothing else will do. Mom and Dad are already in fun mode, so what’s another few dollars spent on making it a perfect day?

In fact, sprucing up your family fun center with bright, solid colored paper products is an affordable and effective way to add even more interest and vibrant color to your décor, without having to make any big changes. Just picture the difference between tables covered with plain white cups and plates, and tables covered with solid red, yellow, or green paper products. A relatively small change like that can make a real difference in the way customers perceive your center.

Finally, fancy paper products enable family fun centers to offer a variety of themed birthday parties, sure to fit any child’s current obsession. Stand out from your competition by offering a wide assortment of party themes at your facility, from zebra stripes and pink to construction trucks. The more you tailor the party supplies and décor to each child, the more Mom will consider your center the obvious choice – and refer all her friends to you, as well!

Don’t forget that every birthday party your family fun center hosts is a way to bring in more birthday parties in the future. If the guests come home raving about the adroable pony plates, or the cool shark cups, they might just start begging Mom to have their own party there in a few months. And any Moms who attend will be sure to notice the careful attention to detail that touches like these add to any celebration.

Buying your family fun center’s paper products and party supplies from My Paper Shop is a no brainer. We offer quality products at affordable bulk prices, and provide businesses all around the country with just the right supplies to make them stand out. Browse our huge selection to get your creative juices flowing, and then start sprucing up your family fun center with our vibrant colors and designs today!

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