Fantastically Frugal (and Fun) Idea!

I just got back from coffee at my dear friend’s shop.  She runs her own coffee shop and has a knack for doing little things that make the experience special while not cutting into her budget.  I asked her if I could share one of my favorite things here, and she happily obliged!

My friend is all about the personal touch.  But, her budget is very tight and doesn’t have enough wiggle room yet for splurges such as personalize napkins or cups.  So, she takes a bit of time and creates her own line of personalized paperware!

The first thing she invested in was a rubber stamp.  She took her shop’s design and had it made into a customized stamp.  She said she had to be careful of the size, though, because this could have been quite an expense.  However, she found a local print shop that not only made her a stamp, but they were also running a special at the time, and she was able to barter her services with them to get it without paying out any money.

Once she had her stamp, she invested in high-quality beverage napkins in neutral colors (hers right now are a light mocha-beige color).  And, since her stamp was not huge, she stamped the corner of each napkin to make her own set of personalized paperware.  Her word of advice, though: consider your ink.  Make sure you are using a dye-based ink that will dry and not come off when wet.  Pigmented inks do NOT work as they bleed onto tables, cups, faces, hands…

Another great item she started personalizing with her stamps is her stash of paper coasters.  She was hesitant at first to invest in them as they seemed to be an added expense she wasn’t sure she wanted to take on.  However, she found that most customers appreciated the extra touch and the whimsy of the stamp along the side.  They were a wonderful investment and worked very well with the stamp.

She is also starting to stamp her disposable drink koozies.  They are corrugated cardboard, but they are flat when she receives them and are a perfect surface for stamping.  This eliminates the need for cups with her logo on them, allowing her to invest her money elsewhere than on expensive custom cups.  And, with her cardboard drink carriers, she does the same, stamping both sides of the carrier.  Her main goal is to get her logo outside the door, and by stamping the items that most often leave her store, she is successfully doing so!

Creating your own personalized items for your business or even your family is a wonderful touch.  This not only is great for small shops and stores but for family gatherings, parties, or even just sprucing up your own personal paperware.  All it takes is a stamp of your choosing and a good quality ink!  Good luck!

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