5 Ways to Celebrate 4th of July

Our Fourth of July, or Independence Day, holiday here in the US is on a Wednesday this year. The day off will be a nice little mid-week break. Now, just because it’s on a weekday doesn’t mean we can’t have fun celebrating. Our church is planning a great community BBQ with games and contests for the kids so they’re definitely looking forward to that. Here are a few suggestions for making the day count this year:

  1. Family/Community Sports Tournament - Our church organized a soccer tournament for different age groups. Small prizes for the winners can be awarded (i.e. water guns, $5 gift cards, etc.)
  2. Patriotic Themed Picnic - An easy buffet of American snacks and food at home or at the park. Grab a blanket and relax under the shade. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy.
  3. Wilderness Day - Take a hike…literally! It’s so peaceful and relaxing. Trust me, that picnic I was telling you about will sound like heaven at the end. If you have little ones, you can teach them about different plants and little animals you may see along the way.
  4. Day at the Lake - I did this with my family recently and we had SUCH a blast. You can always rent jet skis and boats for fishing for a reasonable price once you’re there. I highly recommend this. Pack some quick sandwiches and drinks and you won’t need much else.
  5. One of the local high schools puts on a firework show for the community. It’s a great way to keep the neighborhoods clean, the children safe (I know how they love to be in there lighting up the fireworks) and to save some money. Fireworks are expensive! On that note, please check the paper or online for community events that may be similar to this!

As always, we have a beautiful selection of Patriotic Party Supplies or Solid Colored Tableware that will make any mess a cinch to clean-up. Paper Plates never look as good as at the end of a long day!

Have a happy and safe Independence Day holiday!

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