Flying High For Birthday Fun

A few weeks ago, my younger son turned three.  Having your third birthday (at least in our family) is a monumental event, marked by the first “friend party.”  It is definitely a special occasion. 

For this party, my son and I decided on an airplane theme.  He adores airplanes and helicopters (and pretty much anything that can become airborne).  Pulling the party off was a cinch.  I started with royal blue tablecloths and matching balloons for our sky color.  Plates, cups and silverware were in a contrasting, lighter sky color.  Our cake was frosted in a sky blue frosting with small plastic planes dotting the top and cotton candy interspersed for “cloud cover.”  We found an airplane piñata to top it all off.

Our invitations were perfect; airplane cardstock in primary colors.  I printed “Up, up and away, it’s Tyler’s 3rd birthday!” with the details of the party below.  Each guest received a party favor bag with foam gliders, sunglasses, a small package of pretzels (airline food!), and a helium filled balloon.  For a group of three year-olds, this was the perfect balance of fun on a small scale.

I think the key to a successful party is not overdoing the theme or mood…compliment your theme with solid colors to bring attention to other points of the party.  And, it makes the extras easy to use and save for the next get-together!

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