Fun DIY Ideas For Your Upcoming Memorial Day Party

Decorating tips to make your Memorial Day party more memorable.

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner, and many people all across the country are planning backyard barbecues, long sunny days spent on the lake or even celebratory holiday parties to kick off this favorite holiday. After all, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and all of the fun events and parties that accompany it, so you want to make sure you are kicking off the season right!

Memorial Day

However, if you want to make sure that your Memorial Day party is as memorable as possible, you should start with some fun and unique party ideas. Here are two fun DIY decor ideas for upcoming Memorial Day party.

Memorial Drink

Image Source: Food Network

Red, White and Blue Food and Beverages

Your party’s color theme—Red, white and blue—does not only have to be shown in your decorations and party supplies. You can also incorporate these patriotic colors into the very food and drinks you are consuming! Here are just a few fun Memorial Day recipes to work into your party menu:

  • Blue chips and salsa: Don’t have time to create a complex dish before your party? Simply pick up some blue tortilla chips while you are doing your party shopping, and serve them alongside some red salsa and white sour cream. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Plus, chips and salsa is the perfect finger food for any outdoor or indoor summer party.
  • Firecracker drinks: To create a drink that is both festive and delicious, you just need ice cubes, lemon/lime soda, blue raspberry drink flavoring, and grenadine. Start by mixing together the soda and the blue raspberry flavoring to combine the flavors, and pour the mixture into a fun glass. Next, pour a tablespoon of grenadine down the inside of the glass (do this slowly), and the heaviness of the syrup will cause it to sit at the bottom. Next add ice (even better if you can find star-shaped ice cube trays) to add a layer of white to the top of your glass. There you have it—a red, white and blue layered drink!
  • Fruit for dessert: Looking for a delicious dessert dish to serve at the end of your meal? Grab a clear bowl or goblet, and layer blueberries, strawberries and Cool Whip for another tasty red, white and blue recipe that both kids and adults will love! Plus, the dish isn’t too heavy, making it perfect for a hot Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Streamers

Image source: Multiples and More

Patriotic Lawn Streamers

If you are hosting a backyard BBQ or pool party, bring your patriotic decor outside with you! Create festive and eye-catching red, white and blue lawn streamers by just following a few simple steps! To create these lawn streamers, you will need the following:

  • A wooden embroidery hoop (can be found at your local craft store)
  • Fishing line
  • Red, white and blue streamers

Step one: Fold each of your streamers in half, and loop them around the embroidery hoop, pulling the cut ends through the folded loop of the streamer.  Follow this pattern by alternating between red, white and blue streamers.

Step two: Measure how long you want your fishing wire to hang, and cut three identical lengths of fishing wire.

Step three: Tie fishing line in a knot around the embroidery hoops at three different points. (Follow the shape of a triangle to make sure the hoop is hung evenly.)

Step four: Hang your lawn streamers throughout your yard for a simply, yet festive look!

Are you throwing a party for the upcoming Memorial Day festivities? If you are and you decide to recreate any of the projects we mentioned above, be sure to share photos with us on our My Paper Shop Facebook page! Happy Memorial Day!

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