Congratulations, Class of 2010

I can almost smell the freshly printed diplomas for this year’s high school and college graduates. Graduation is definitely a bittersweet moment as high school students leave behind their safe zone and embark on a new chapter of adulthood. College graduation marks the end of a student’s educational career and the beginning of his/her adult job career.

My younger sister graduates from high school this year and my close friend graduates from college. I’m so excited, so proud, and so happy for both of them. Completing either feat is a great accomplishment and all of you graduates should march to ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ with your heads held high.

I remember I didn’t care if I had a huge party or not, as long as I was surrounded by all the people I love-the same people that were there for me during my all-nighters and my nervous breakdowns. When you reach the end of the tunnel, take a deep breath, smile and shed a tear or two if necessary (happy tears, of course).

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