Grass Skirts – Not Just For The Hula!

hula skirtThe weather is warming up, and with warmer weather come more outdoor events, such as parties, gatherings, picnics and other celebrations.  Many ideas and themes usually come to surface during this time of year, but one of the most prevalent themes is a Hawaiian, or Luau, theme.  And, along those lines, grass skirts abound.  However, grass skirts are not just about Hawaii; incorporate them into all sorts of decorating ideas this year!

Grass skirts should not be limited to simply being a costume for an event - they can be used in so many other ways besides tied around the waist.  By combining a few skirts, new accessories can be created for the event of a lifetime.

Consider using several grass skirts to enhance a table set up by using them as a table skirt.  A banquet - size table can be “grass skirted” with about 8 standard grass skirts.  Be sure to take into consideration the measurements of the skirts.  Adult-sized skirts have a waist of about 32 inches and a length of about 34 inches.  Children’s-sized skirts will run smaller.  Using grass skirts around a focus table, such as a buffet-service table or a greeting table at an entrance is a terrific way to add to the mood of the event.  Or, use several skirts to designate a gift table or a drink area at a party.

Grass skirts can also be strung together to create a wall covering or a decoration enhancement.  One local grocer used several grass skirts to create a “tiki hut” style decoration on the wall for a tropical fruit display.  Grass skirts can be a fun and different way of drawing the eye to something special or covering up something not to be seen.

Hang grass skirts from the eaves of a high-roofed porch to create a more intimate, tropical feel to an outdoor or patio party.  Guests will feel like they are right on the beach in their own private cabana when they are standing among the grass-skirt decor!  Leis may even be added as a garland to tie in color schemes as well.

Grass skirts come in a variety of styles, sizes and color.  Our child-size skirts have a flower-style embellishment across the waistline.  This is a perfect finish for any decor.  Or consider the adult-sized skirts with the longer length and more authentic feel.  The adult skirts are available in green and natural.

Using accessories in ways other than their intentions is a great way to bring focus to different aspects of an event.  Put a little fun into your next outdoor cookout or Hawaiian themed party by accenting with a few grass skirts!

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