Halloween – Hosting A Party

October 31st is literally right around the corner, and what better way to have a little fun with your friends than hosting a Halloween get-together?  Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, whether you are entertaining a few close friends or a cast of hundreds.

COSTUME PARTY:  While this would be a traditional Halloween party, try mixing it up a bit.  Have guests come in plain clothes and provide a variety of props so that they can create their own costume when they arrive.  Give out awards for “Most Creative,” “Daring-est Costume,” and “Most Likely To Scare Small Children“!  Or, ask couples to dress as a famous pair, such as Romeo and Juliet, Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Lucy and Desi.  Have a contest to see who can identify the most couples at the party.

MOVIE NIGHT: Invite everyone over to watch the latest horror film release, or whip out a classic from the discount bin at the local store.  Even more fun is to mute the movie and have the guests figure out the story line by simply watching the video portion!  Or, let the guests know the movie to be shown and ask everyone to come “in character.”

KID FUN: These are great ideas to try with a group of children (or adults who want to act like children!).  Try bobbing for apples (a more “hygenic” method of bobbing is to tie apples on strings and hang from a tree so as not to stick your face in a “common tub” of water), a pumpkin carving contest, and a “cup”cake walk.  Small carnival-style games are always good as well.

Apple bobbing

Apple bobbing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PROGRESSIVELY FRIGHTENING PARTY:  Get together with several neighbors and host a progressive dinner party with a Halloween twist.  Look for recipes that fit the holiday, and designate each house as a course of the meal.  As always, when occupying a residence on Halloween, make sure to have treats ready for those little goblins that may stop by!

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