Couponing to Donating

I’m not sure how many of you are avid viewers of the TLC (The Learning Channel) television network, but they are currently airing a show called “Extreme Couponing.” The name alone makes the show intriguing considering the economic climate we are currently undergoing. During each episode, the show follows about three (3) women through their daily coupon endeavors. Some of these women have resorted to couponing because of their family’s financial situation, and others are on a whole different ball field-an addictive field.

At first, you’re fascinated watching how many hundreds of dollars worth of food with which these women can walk out of the store, but as the show progresses, they give the camera crew a tour of the food stock they have accumulated. Some of these people have entire rooms and garages full of food they could never possibly consume during the remainder of their lifetime. That’s great, except I can’t help but acknowledge how much food is more than likely going to waste every year as it spoils. To them, it may not be a big deal since they hardly spent a dime on it, but to individuals who are less fortunate or not as familiar with “couponing,” it’s a tragedy.

If any of you are part of this “couponing” movement, might the rest of us suggest donating food that will not be consumed to shelters and churches? You could take it one more step and cook some of it to serve at soup kitchens and such. I’m sure the great deal of saving would allow for some spare change that could be used toward disposable tableware.

It could be your good deed of the year!

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