Host a Garden-Themed Party This Summer!


One of the very best things about summertime is all the fresh produce available. Grocery stores are suddenly overflowing with piles of delectable-looking fruit, farmer’s markets attract crowds of shoppers hungry for seasonal, locally grown veggies, and “pick-your-own-produce” farm visits are in full swing, with more treats ripening every day.

If you have a backyard garden, you’re probably harvesting your own fresh fruits and veggies, as well, and enjoying that unbeatable homegrown flavor. But even if you don’t have a garden, why not celebrate this season of fresh fruits and veggies with a garden-themed party?

Garden Party

Garden Party Activities  

Whether you invite adults only, or make it a family affair, your garden party should include some fun, themed activities. If you do have a backyard garden, then hand out baskets lined with pretty napkins, and send your guests out to harvest their own hors d’oeuvres! Tell them to gather simple ingredients, such as tomatoes and basil, and then allow them to put together their own masterpieces at the table, using fresh mozzarella and olive oil that you provide.

If you don’t have a garden, no worries – you and your guests can all get started on one by planting some seeds to take home! Provide each guest with a small pot and a spoon, and set out bags of potting soil and a selection of fruit and veggie seed packets to choose from. Allow each guest to plant and water their seeds, maybe even decorate their pots, and then take their new mini-gardens home as a party favor.

Garden Party Refreshments

Of course, no party would be complete without an assortment of delicious treats to eat, and a garden party is no exception. Whether it comes from your own garden or you buy it at a farmer’s market, the food at a garden-themed party should be fresh and simply prepared. Focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables – fruit pies and tarts are ideal for dessert, as are berry trifles, while fresh salads and grilled vegetables make the perfect side dishes. Main dishes can be as simple as a hearty, rustic sandwich, piled high with fresh cheeses and deli meats and crisp veggies, or as fancy as various cuts of chicken, pork, and beef grilled to perfection.

Garden Party Décor

Finally, the decorations you chose for your garden party should reflect the fresh, vibrant colors of the season. Floral designs on plates and cups make for a gorgeous outdoor table setting, while solid colors can contribute to the simple garden atmosphere. Set tin buckets of fresh flowers - or fresh produce - out on the table as centerpieces. You could even put a small bouquet or a beautiful vegetable by each place setting.

Keep to the outdoor garden theme by incorporating natural elements into the décor – wooden cutting boards can hold vegetables, and large tin tubs make ideal coolers for drinks. Burlap would be ideal for tying a big bow on each chair, and wicker baskets can hold utensils and napkins.

So what do you think? Have our ideas inspired you to host your own garden-themed party? We’d love to hear about your plans in the comments section below!

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