How To Get Ready for Halloween

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The countdown for Halloween starts on Monday. Can you believe it’s already been a year? The little ones and I like to sit down to brainstorm family and individual costume ideas on the first day of October. We typically like to come up with original ideas that we could possibly make ourselves, but the suggestion box is open to everything. I can hardly wait. What ideas have you and yours compiled?

 As I was taking old supplies and costumes out of storage this afternoon, I realized I have this incredible bin full of unique costume treasures that I’ll more than likely never use again. Buying costumes at the store gets expensive. You’re usually looking at a minimum of $25-30 for children sizes and $50 and up for adult sizes. I’m not head of the neighborhood watch committee or anything, but I thought it would be a great idea to have a neighborhood costume drive. All donated costumes or props could be donated to the church or better yet, you could make it a costume swap party. If you print fliers, please make sure and remind participants to bring only lightly used costumes and ask that they please be clean.

The celebration of All Hallow’s Eve is celebrated around the world. There’s so many fun activities that children and adults can both enjoy. It’s my favorite holiday of the year and I love to plan family costumes because it creates such great memories for everyone.

Although Halloween is not traditionally a religious holiday, however, quite a few of our local churches have begun a fun family night called “Trunk or Treat” that follows a special service designed for the kids. Families decorate the trunk of their car and the children trick-or-treat at each car in the parking lot of the parish. Games and other fun activities are planned as well, depending on the coordinator.

What are some activities in which you like to participate during the fall holidays?

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