How to Have An Earth-Friendly Wedding

Today is Earth Day, an annual holiday set aside to demonstrate support for the care of Mother Earth. Now, just because the holiday is only celebrated one day out of the year doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t make personal efforts to conserve our planet each day. After all, our children are the ones who will reap the benefits of a well-preserved environment. Earth Day is one big, important day and guess what? So is your wedding! Why not pay tribute to our planet on your special day by taking the proper measures to be kind to our planet.


  1. Plates – There are basic things you’re going to need in order to host your wedding reception. Plates is one of those items on the list. Square plastic and paper plates are extremely popular due to the more elegant or upscale look and feel they convey. Of course, we offer square plastic plates and square paper plates, but we also offer square compostable plates that are made from bagasse, the natural by-product of sugar. Clear lids are also conveniently available in the event that some of your guests want to take the remainder of their dinner to go. How cool is that?
  2. Cutlery – Compostable Cutlery Kits are one of our newest items and one of the most exciting! The entire kit is certified as 100% compostable and made from CPLA plastic, which is a nature-based Nature Works® plastic that is made from corn. Isn’t this amazing? I know it sounds a nerdy, but this product is so much better for the environment than a lot of our other options.
  3. Natural Linen Like Dinner Napkins – I mean, the Universe is literally begging for a greener environment. This version of our bestselling Linen Like Dinner Napkins is constructed from 55% recycled fibers, 40% postconsumer waste and is EPA approved. It may not be the exact same thing as the regular product, but think of all the good you’ll be doing by using these!
  4. Obviously, the use of fresh flowers, rather than artificial flowers is more environmentally-conscious so make sure to do your research on either your dream flower wedding or on a place that sells them in bulk for a good price.
  5. Make your own wedding banners, invitations and select decor out of recycled products. Unless you have the time, pick and choose your top favorite DIY projects and share them with us!

QUICK TIP: Make sure and look up composting facilities in your area. You wouldn’t want all of your hard work to go to waste. Ha ha, get it?

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