How To Host A Bridal Shower Brunch

One of my best friends and coworker got married in Cabo last week! She planned her wedding in only four months and it turned out phenomenal. She had, of course, been planning to be married for some time, but the idea to make it a destination wedding was a bit more last minute. Her sister-in-law, another one of her friend’s and I had to quickly scramble to put together a beautiful bridal shower in only a few weeks. The bride was insisting that she did not want to trouble anyone, but she is so amazing and totally deserved a special gathering with close friends and family before her big day. Not all of us were able to be there so we felt it was important that we have a pre-celebration here. We made sure to send her off with tons of love and well wishes.


Since there wasn’t a whole lot of time, we decided to stick to solid color and accents instead of selecting an ornate theme. We used My Paper Shop’s teal round plastic table covers and we got so many compliments on the way the table displays turned out. The color was so perfect and it made the other décor stand out beautifully. As I’ve said many times before, sometimes solid color tableware itself is the décor.

IMAG0932The amazing couple dated for many years before taking this huge step so a fun décor idea her sister-in-law had was to print a few pictures that illustrated the length and growth of their relationship. Some tables had framed pictures from the beginning of their relationship and others had more recent photographs. It was so cute to see how much they had changed and how well they grew into each other.

IMAG0929I don’t think I’ll ever stop sharing my obsession with Etsy, a site where crafty people come together to make and sell handmade, custom anything! These custom banners were from a crafty paper artist that sells her creations on there. Aren’t they adorable?


Pictured: Item# 650381 - Peacock Beverage Napkins - Eye Print

We decided to make the event in the afternoon so a mimosa brunch was perfect and not too out of control in terms of cost. Fresh chopped fruit and exotic juice was laid out for the guests to enjoy.


All in all, it was quick planning and the turnout looked as if it had taken much longer. Anything is possible, as long as there are splashes of color and dashes of love!

Congratulations to the newlyweds! XOXO


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