How To Host An Ocean Themed Party

Shark Week is almost exactly two months away. What are YOU doing to prepare?

OceanParty_v3I’m totally kidding. It’s not so serious that you need to host a party in honor of this television event. Although, you are welcome to do so.

What would be grand is celebrating any June, July or August babies with an Ocean Theme or Shark Theme birthday party. Mostly because there are tons of fun party supplies and accessories! I’m a sucker for these Shark Puppets. So cute!

shark-birthday-party-webSharks, and sea life in general, are fascinating to both children and adults so you’re bound to please the majority of your guests. If they are younger, this theme will stereotypically be appealing to mostly boys, but you know your guests best. Make your life easy by incorporating beach pails with sand and shark beach toys as your centerpieces. These toys are inexpensive and you can make extras that could double as party favors.

Skip the cake and create a sweet ocean display out of cupcakes with cookies shaped like shark dorsal fins. The kids will get a kick out of this!

You can also incorporate healthy treats like a watermelon carved into the shape of a shark. Chop up the fruit, mix it with shark gummies and display it pouring out of the shell at your dessert table!

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