How To Host An Ornament Exchange Party

My friend was hosting a Dexter/Homeland night on Sunday (anyone else keep up? These shows are outstanding!!) and we were ooh-ing and ahh-ing over her freshly trimmed tree. She was telling us about her ornament-buying experience and about how her husband wanted to be included. Of course she didn’t allow him to interfere with her color scheme. She allowed him to select one ornament: a gold 3-CPO from the acclaimed Star Wars. When he tried to throw in a Darth Vader, she forbade it and let him know that perhaps he could get it next year if it went with the color scheme. She brought up a good point. We like to change up the color scheme on the Christmas tree decor every year, just to spice things up. Ornaments and tree decorations can get pretty pricey though.

C-3PO blends in w/the gold and silver wonderland theme!

With that being said, wouldn’t it be great if we gathered our close friends and/or family members on either the last week of November or the first week of December to host an ornament exchange party. You can set the rules to require that each person bring a single large ornament or maybe the kit of decorations they used the previous year. Handle the exchange like a White Elephant gift exchange, but with ornaments.

This would cut back on decor expenses significantly and it’s a fun excuse to see family and friends before the holidays take over our schedules! Make it a potluck or if it’s later in the evening, serve hot cider or hot chocolate in paper beverage cups, of course. Ask your guests to bring some bread or a yummy treat to go with the festive hot drinks.

Oh, I also wanted to share my friend’s DIY Christmas decorating project. She is obsessed with West Elm, the home decor site and she spotted a silver coated tree branch with large ornaments. Instead of going over her budget, though, she decided to take a stab at the project herself first and it worked out amazingly!

DIY Silver Branch w/ornaments

Isn’t it so pretty? What DIY projects have you taken on this holiday season? We’d love to see!!

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Happy Holidays, everyone!

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