Budget Friendly Baby Shower Favor Tags - DIY

My childhood friend is expecting her first child early next year and we have been diligently working the past few weeks to plan her dream baby shower. She is a die-hard Little Mermaid fan and as our luck would have it, there are very few places that make Little Mermaid themed decorations. We have literally had to customize almost everything (except standard plastic table covers and napkins). I know customization always sounds like the budget will be through the roof, but I promise we made most of the décor ourselves and kept our expenses well below the budget. It’s plenty of work, but worth it.


I volunteered to help make party favors (tags and shell shaped candy). I made tags with the Little Mermaid and the baby’s name printed across the bottom. You could make them any size you prefer, I made mine circular (2.25 Inches) and added a thick line around the edges to make cutting easier and neat. You may also purchase a circle hole-punch in that size (keep in mind this would be an added expense of at least $18-$20). To make them less plain, I mounted each circle on a 2.5 Inch cardstock circle. This also adds a nice sturdy feeling, so you know they will not be flimsy.

The easiest part, of course, was to add a hole-punch in the top center where the ribbon bow would go. I picked up small clear cello bags (the size would obviously depend on the size of the favors) and after I had placed the favors inside, I tied them with a matching ribbon bow, making sure the favor tag faced upwards.

There will be approximately 65-70 guests at the baby shower. Purchasing customized favor tags for that number of people was going to cost about $45-$50. By making them ourselves, we spent about $8.00.

We also managed to make the table centerpieces and add some sparkle to Clear Plastic Beverage Cups that we used to hold plastic cutlery in the center of the table:


Happy Baby Bargains! :-)

P.S. Baby Shower Party Supplies are available in beautiful, themed designs in bulk quantities and prices. We also now offer baby shower designs in our newest economy grade Bargain Basics line.

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