How To Make Graduation Themed Dessert

It doesn’t seem like it, but graduation season is only around the corner. The Spring semester just began, and this semester may be the home stretch for many pursuing higher education degrees. It’s so exciting. You can smell the end, and at the same time it’s still so far away. I totally get it. If you’re not the soon-to-be graduate, make sure to encourage them and help them stay motivated. My sister graduates at the end of this semester and I couldn’t be prouder. All those sleepless nights and sacrifices are about to pay off! That is why I’m brainstorming for her celebration starting now!


I’ll stress out about a theme later. Right now, I want to make a list of possible food ideas. I think it’s important to coordinate this around the size of your party. If you’re on a budget, you want to pick options that are both delicious and economical. Feel free to share your ideas on our Facebook page. We seriously love to hear from our customers about either ideas or how successful their event was!

For now, I’ve decided I want to set out tiny homemade chocolate mortarboard caps. They’re adorable, simple and double up as decor on the tables. You can use a solid of graduation themed treat box filled with malt balls to hold up the grad cap pops. Start with food picks or short skewers, then insert the pick into the center of a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup. With frosting, attach a small Hershey’s chocolate square and decorate with small piece of red Twizzler’s (or real ribbon if you  like). I love chocolate and so does my sister so I cannot wait for her to see these.


These can be used as table centerpieces, or you can make a bouquet out of them for your graduate to enjoy after their ceremony. Obviously, if you are going to make a bouquet out of them, I would make sure to add other embellishments in the box, such as flowers, or other candy. It can be an Edible Arrangement of your own.

Add your special touch and make it your own! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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