How To Make Solid Decor Come Together Elaborately

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine hosted her baby daughter’s first birthday. This is a big one and she threw the cutest party for her using a ton of bright solid color paper decorations. I wanted to share pictures and ideas from Lucy’s birthday party because 1.) it was adorable and 2.) it was simple — by simple I don’t mean it was easy to plan because we all know how much work goes into these events, I mean that the decor ideas were not super elaborate, yet they came together for an elaborate look! Nice save, right? :-D

Cake Table

Note the creative use of solid color crepe paper streamers to make a colorful backdrop for the cake table. This idea can be applied to homemade photo booths or as an economical way to add color to your party! I love the final look, don’t you?

Bright Paper Flag Banners

Lucy’s mommy ordered bright paper flag banners (side note: these are not from, but the link above takes you to similar ones we do carry) and she added pictures of Lucy in chronological order from the time she was born until the present, obviously. She draped them throughout the party venue for a cute, personal touch.

Table Centerpieces

You can find these pinwheel kits on I believe, but seriously you can use any whimsical decoration to create a similar concept for your table centerpieces. I think the main idea here is to use fun things that remind your guests of their childhoods. Plus, they tie in great with the bright color theme.

Welcome Chalkboard

Banners are great, but you can always create a youthful alternative like this chalkboard Lucy’s mom used to welcome all her tiny guests! It makes me want to grab a tub of chalk and get started on decorating the sidewalk back home again!

Foam “ONE” & Fruit Kabobs

I’m not sure where Lucy’s mom found the “ONE” stand-up decorations, but you can easily make similar decorations out of wood, or foam. They add a really nice touch to her fruit kabob table — an easy, delicious and healthy snack alternative for kids.

First Birthday Cupcakes

Numbered Candles are classic, and what better way to make the guest of honor feel honored than by giving her, her own personal cake? Or cupcake, but she doesn’t have to know! Shh!Told you she was excited about her own personal cake! How delighted does Lucy look? We love her!

Side NOTE: Themes don’t always have to be a licensed character concept, solid colors leave so much room for creativity! Don’t stress, just have fun planning. After all, the point is to happily celebrate these milestones, right?

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