How To Navigate Cyber Monday

If you hate waking up at 4AM after the Thanksgiving holiday, camping outside of a major department store or getting trampled over in a crazed-shopper stampede, then Cyber Monday is the sale for you. It is the virtual version of Black Friday and every homebody’s dream. The rules for how to navigate this major shopping event are quite similar to the rules we discussed for Black Friday, nonetheless, let’s review. I can’t wait to shop in my PJs on Monday morning!

  1. Check your e-mail for newsletter sale alerts from your favorite sites. My Paper Shop sent out a few early reminders to help shoppers prepare. Open a Word document or make a handwritten list of the sales at each site. Include any promo codes the site may have sent directly to you, their loyal customer. {Hint: MONDAYDEAL gets you $5 off any purchase of $50 or more. That includes free shipping if you’re in the 48 lower United States!}
  2. Again, make a list of items that you actually need or want. This way there are goals and you’re not just aimlessly shopping. This is the best time to make such purchases. The deals on electronics on Cyber Monday are just as good as the deals on Black Friday. Free shipping and delivered right on your doorstep? What more could you want?
  3.  Some sites allow you to create wish lists or save your shopping carts. As you shop, check to see if this feature is available on the sites you wish to shop on Monday. If it is, obviously having the items loaded onto your cart will help you shop more efficiently and/or ensure that you get the deal.
  4. Visit sites such as for any additional coupon codes to your favorite sites that you may not have directly received. Many sites will allow you to use more than one coupon code at checkout.
  5. Finish your coffee, get dressed for work & wait for your exciting packages to arrive at your doorstep!

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