How To Plan A Ladybug Themed Birthday Party

Ladybug themed birthday parties are very popular this season. We’ve put together an adorable inspiration board filled with ideas to throw the most adorable themed party:

1. Our Ladybug Themed party ensemble is too cute for words.

2. The cool thing is that since the colors are so basic, black and red, the possibilities for mixing and matching with solid colored party supplies are endless. (i.e. napkins, placemats, balloons).

3. While we poured over our fair share of fun party blogs, we came across some fabulous ideas. All blogs are credited on the board. See #7 for a fun party craft idea. Ladybug puppets! Kids love interactive activities and you’ll love to keep them busy for at least 20 minutes.

4. Table Centerpieces can be easily put together. You don’t need to outdo yourself to impress children, really. They usually do enjoy anything with sweets involved, though. Take #4 for example, licorice centerpieces. How great is that? Simple and practical. Who doesn’t like an edible centerpiece?

I’m so in love with this design and so inspired by all of the different decor ideas we came across as we were doing our fun “research.” We would really love, love, love to see all of the fun and creative ideas you put together for your parties. Please e-mail us pictures of your events ([email protected]) as we would love to brag and share with all of our customers! We might even consider coupon codes as rewards ;-). Seriously.

Happy Party Planning!

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