How To Plan For Fall Dining

The first day of “fall” officially took place over the weekend. It couldn’t have felt further away from autumn, though. Was it the same for you? I think it’s just strange to see the leaves on the trees morphing into beautiful fall shades while the weather outside doesn’t match. It’s almost like watching a movie with delayed audio. Regardless, we must still decorate accordingly in order to be prepared for the new fall season. Curl up with the new season of your favorite show and brainstorm ideas for your dining room table.

Autumn Cornucopia - Click on the image to be directed to all coordinating ensemble items.

1. Start by switching out the usual tablecloths on your dining room table. Opt to use earth tones that will compliment any autumn decor. I prefer colors such as chocolate brown, bittersweet orange, gold and brick.

2. My grandmother loves to have her table set with her holiday china. No, she doesn’t have company every day, but I think she finds a set holiday table setting to be quite comforting. You may choose to have disposable Autumn Themed Tableware handy during the fall season. I love the holidays — everything is so much more cheerful, and the fall season is all about the dining room experience. The climate usually lends itself to so many more indoor activities so it is important to make that room extra comfy and welcoming.

3. Make a fall aroma potpourri using spices and natural ingredients. Not only will the potpourri double as a centerpiece, but the house smells nice and cozy.

4. Every coffee shop right now is advertising the heck out of pumpkin flavor everything. Jump on the bandwagon and bake pumpkin bread or pie for company, or better yet, practice for Thanksgiving. I love the idea of using the pumpkin shell as a container to hold soup or a beverage. How cute is that?! (If you’re lost, please see the image above.)

5. It’s harvest season — experiment with the season’s vegetables and make delicious soups or dinners.

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