How To Play St. Patrick’s Day Party Games

St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies

When I was younger, it used to annoy me to no end that everyone and their mother would assume an Irish heritage…only on St. Patrick’s Day. I just felt that we should let them have their celebration because why should the rest of us just enjoy certain aspects of their background. This, of course, was when I was younger. Now, I feel that we should all join in to show appreciation for the Irish culture and obviously just for fun. Okay, more for the fun. Regardless of why you decide to partake in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities this year, I think you should incorporate these fun drinking games whether you are hosting or not. They can be played with alcoholic beverages if it’s an adult party or with green tinted apple juice if the children want to join:

  1. Pot o’ Gold Treasure Hunt — This one might just be my favorite of the games I’m going to share. It’s great for larger parties and you can set it up for both kids and adults.The game is similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, except you use either gold plastic coils or chocolate coins because those are way more fun. The host hides the coins throughout the house (or outside depending on the weather and preferences) and the child or adult to find the most coins at the end wins!
    You can make this game more fun for adults by including small notes under the coins that say things like “take a shot of ___” or “give the person closest to you two of your coins.” The person to have found the least coins at the end takes 2 shots or whichever rule you want to make it.
  2. Irish Hot Potato or Musical Chairs — I used to have such a fear of playing hot potato and musical chairs as a child. It was so nerve racking to have the music in the background dictating my future in the game. I was a dramatic child, I know.Anyway, you use a good size potato (festively decorate it if you’d like). Designate someone to play the music of your choice and to press “stop” randomly. The person holding the potato must take a shot!CC030_Sham_Rock_1
    You can modify the rules for children and set up something Irish themed that they must do if they have the potato last. Make it a fun rule such as “dance like a Leprechaun” or “speak in an Irish accent until the next person loses.”

Hosting a great party means everyone leaves the shindig with a smile on their face and great memories. Make sure to make this St. Patty’s Day memorable for your guests!

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