How To Surprise Your Students on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away! I swore to myself that I would brainstorm small gift ideas for my students earlier in the month and here we are again, less than a week and just barely deciding on one craft project. My inspiration this year was my adorable best friend. Her and I went shopping together last week and she told me about a Valentine’s Day care package she was putting together for her nieces and nephews. Aside from the card and a few other treats, she showed me these super cute “robots” she made out of candy and juice boxes:


I was so in love that I asked her to teach me how to make some for my students and coworkers this week. Darn, they may not be so surprised after reading this. Whoops! To follow along at home, you’ll need the following:

  1. Juice boxes - preferably some that have lots of red on the box design
  2. Pipe cleaners (for the robot arms)
  3. googly eyes
  4. chocolate hearts (or sticker hears)
  5. Fun-size Nerds boxes
  6. Starbursts
  7. glue gun


  1. Grab a juice box and glue pink or red Starburst candies on the bottom using the hot glue gun
  2. Glue a Valentine’s edition Nerds box on the top. This will serve as the face or head, if you will.
  3. Add googly eyes to the Nerds box
  4. Use 1 whole pipe cleaner to wrap around the juice box. Form it into arms and glue into place.
  5. Glue a chocolate heart in the center
  6. Voila. Set out to dry and watch the kids’ tiny faces light up in wonder when you hand them their treats!

If you have any last minute shopping left to do, please visit our Valentine’s Day Party Supplies page. Reference our shipping chart or call us for advice on the shipping method you should select.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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