Last Minute Christmas Stocking Treats

This is gong to be the second to last weekend we all have to get our Christmas shopping done. Are you ready? I need to check off a good amount of my list this weekend and I’m trying not to get too overwhelmed. I tutor a couple of kids a few times a week and I’ve really gotten close with them. I wanted to get them something small, but cute, just to wish them happy holidays. This next week is the beginning of their winter vacation, after all. While I was at the arts  and crafts store, I found the cutest miniature stockings — one red and green and the other a classic red and white:


Okay, I loved them when I saw them, but I loved them even more when I found this chocolate coal to fill them with:

What last minute Christmas treats have you put together? I’m so excited to give these to my young students. For the past few weeks, their parents have been telling them that if they don’t raise their grades and maintain them, then all they’ll get for Christmas is coal in their stockings. They don’t mean it of course, but how funny will it be when I show up with these? I’ll make sure and throw in some candy canes for a little extra cheer :-D

What last minute gift or treat ideas have you come up with? I love cutesy and crafty projects that don’t take long. It’s a thoughtful way to wish special people happy holidays. It’s not about the size of the gift or the amount you spend on them, it truly is about the thought.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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