Looking For The Pot Of Gold

There’s so much you can do to have a festive St. Patrick’s Day with a few gold coins!  Check out these ideas for decorating, accessorizing and having a great March 17th!

Create a TREASURE HUNT!  Guests of any age will love hunting down the “treasure”.  Find easy spots for young guests, and a few clever places if your group is more “mature”.  Written clues can add to the mystery but aren’t necessary.  Hide treasures amongst the food, behind a chair, or even in a plant.  Who knows where the rainbow will end?

Gold Coin Toss - Bring out the old game of “washers” but substitute gold coins instead.  With young children, have them stand behind a line and try to toss coins in a bucket. 

Make Your Money - Give each guest a gold coin as they arrive and set a rule such as: if a guest catches someone else scratching their head, the head-scratcher must give their coin to the other person.  Then, after a set amount of time, the person with the most gold coins wins.  The “rule” can be anything - crossing arms, saying a certain word, or other subtle gesture.

Gold Coin Accessories - dress up any hair accessory by hot-gluing a few gold coins to it.  Make a barrette sparkle, a comb shine or a headband glitter with an array of coins on top!  For guys, why not take an old tie and spiff it up likewise?  Glue on a pattern of gold coins and make a statement.

Gold You Can Eat - Take your ordinary 9-inch round cake and create a coin masterpiece.  Simply tint white frosting with yellow coloring, frost the cake, and add accents by piping on extra frosting of the same color.

Paths Lined With Gold - lead the way to your soiree with a path sprinkled with gold coins.  It will certainly grab the attention of your guests or patrons and peak their interest as to what lies ahead!

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