Make Your Summer Party Special With Solid Colors


When you start searching online for the perfect party supplies, are you immediately taken by the chevron cups or the pink polka dotted plates? It can be easy to fall in love with patterns, but solids are generally cheaper. Parties with a color as a theme can often be even more fun than patterns – and as a bonus, they invite your guests to bring their own creativity into the mix. Here are 3 fun party ideas where solids take the spotlight.

Solid Colors

Color-themed birthday parties

So your son is turning 13 this year? You want to throw him a party, but he seems a little too grown up for dinosaurs and racecars. Do you know his favorite color? Maybe you’re about to redecorate his room and you can use those colors as inspiration. Buy your solid party supplies, and make sure to inform guests to look for those colors too. Not only will he now have a plethora of blue shirts when he used to remark he had none, you will have saved money on his party supplies and still decorated above the curve.

Parties for a cause

Pink for breast cancer, yellow for the troops - many colors have causes they’re tied to. If you’re looking for a reason to invite some friends over, think about having a party to benefit one of these many causes. Maybe you’re going to have a girls’ Bunco night. Each woman brings $5 for the winner’s pot and $5 for the cause pot. At the end of the night you take the earnings to whatever charity you’ve decided your event should benefit. To keep your cause at the front of guests’ minds, buy party décor in solids that are associated with that cause. You’re saving money and raising money. Does it get any better than that?

Patterns as accents

If you’ve ever been to a zebra print Sweet 16 birthday party, you know there’s enough print to make anyone dizzy. Instead of buying every decoration in the pattern, consider using the pattern as an accent and use more solids that work with that pattern. Take the zebra print example. Buy solid cups, plates and utensils in colors like black and pink and save the zebra for the tablecloth. You’re still getting the patterns in with the bigger items, but you’re saving money and making the space less busy by using solids instead of all patterns.

Decorating with solids doesn’t have to be a boring party theme idea. In fact, it can be more fun than incorporating patterns. You now get to build a whole palette instead of just picking a pattern. Ready to turn your next office function into a party to support the troops? Order some yellow cups and you’re on your way. Because solids are so easy to continue to use, you can even buy in bulk to save even more money.

Have you ever thrown a solid color themed party before? Tell us how you decorated in the comments section below!

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