More Fun Back To School Themes

Are you looking for something a bit different for that back-to-school bash around the corner?  Pick up a few ideas with these themes!

Soon, the lazy days of picnicking will be over as the kids head back to school and hit the books.  Send summer off with a fine hurrah with our picnic themed party supplies.  Serve up your favorite picnic fare: hot dogs, potato salad, fried chicken, fresh fruit, sodas and chips with dip.  Set up some timeless picnic activities, such as washers or horseshoes, a dip in a river or a game of stick ball.

Remember the great summer before it slips away!  Decorate your back-to-school party withsummer themed party supplies.  Center the party around a pool or other fun summer activity and let the memories be created before your eyes.  Want a fun parting gift for the guests?  Give them each a beach ball and let them all “autograph” it with permanent markers!  It is a great way to remember the fun in the sun!

Hut-hut!  Kick off the new year with a fabulous Football-themed party!  Decorate in school colors and ask the guests to wear sports-related items.  And, while a game of football in the front yard might seem to be a given, try mixing it up a bit with a finger-football tournament!

If the guests are expecting a rough and tough year ahead, offer up a back-to-school boot camp, complete with Army-themed party supplies.  Host backpack relay races, eat sack lunches for snacks, even play a spelling bee or math fact race to get back in the swing of school.  When the guests are ready to leave, send them off on their mission with pencils, spiral notebooks and glue; they will be ready to face any challenge!

Giddyup, pardner!  Ride on over for a rootin’ tootin’ Cowboy-themed party, complete with mug shots of the “Wanted” guests.  Cook foods on an open pit or grill, sing some back-to-school songs, and everyone can ride off into the sunset, ready to face the new school year.

We hope these ideas will help you have a fun and unique party as the kids head back to school!

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