More Fun Themes For Bridal Showers

These days, future brides, and even couples, are looking for something a little different to celebrate the upcoming union.  Finding a special way to honor the happy couple can be a challenge; hopefully these ideas will strike a chord or at least inspire some new ideas when hosting a bridal shower.

WINE AND CHEESE SHOWER: This idea is great for a couples shower.  Provide a spread of fine cheeses, crackers, breads, and condiments, perhaps even some delicious deli meats as well.  Have a wine-tasting segment as well.  Guests can either bring a traditional gift, or have them bring their favorite bottle of wine to honor the couple.

SPA SHOWER: What a perfect idea for a group of friends!  Spend the afternoon pampering yourself and each other.  This can either be done at a local spa (most places will allow you to bring in your own refreshments and will even accommodate you with a private room or space) or do the entire thing “in house.”  The pampering can be provided by each other, or hire a technician to come to the location.  Provide massages, pedicures, manicures, and skin treatments.  And, throw in a makeover session as well!

WEEKEND GETAWAY: Having trouble coming up with ideas to celebrate?  Plan a weekend or a night away, just the girls!  Look into local Bed and Breakfasts or quaint inns for some relaxing and enjoying of each others’ company.  Include a shopping excursion and a visit to a tea room or other fun eatery as well.

FAVORITE TEAM SHOWER: Guys aren’t the only ones who are avid sports fans!  If the future bride has a favorite team, then why not celebrate with a sports-themed shower?  Gifts can reflect the bride’s tastes in sports.  Or, if you live near a sports venue, look into group rates and go see a game.  Many places will even recognize groups during the course of the game with a shout-out on the “mega tron” screen or via the announcer!

SCAVENGER HUNT: This is great for a party of active participants.  Divide into two or three teams, and give each team a list of six to eight places to find around town.  Suggestions can be as simple as a local grocery store to pick up some chips, a discount store to find a particular wedding decoration, or a local nursery to purchase a plant.  Or, provide each team with a digital camera (or have guests bring theirs) and take pictures of the group at each stop.  Maybe a picture in front of the courthouse or the marriage license office would be a good one!  Each group’s final clue should take them to the end destination - either a restaurant or back to the original starting point to have cake and punch with the future bride!

CHOCOLATE SHOWER: What bride wouldn’t like to have a shower full of chocolate?  Have a chocolate fountain with cake and fruit in which to dip.  Guests can bring their favorite dessert recipe to share and perhaps some key ingredients and bakeware to prepare it.

NATURE SHOWER: This is perfect for the couple that loves outdoor activities!  Gifts can include gardening supplies, camping or hiking gear, cycling, jogging, swimming or other outside activity accessories.  Other ideas include bird feeders, porch swings, patio accessories, and even passes or gift certificates to local parks and wildlife areas.

I LOVE THE CITY SHOWER: This is a great way to honor the socialite!  The focus of the shower should be activities in “the city”, such as museums, plays, musical events, and other venues.  Gift ideas could be season passes, local memberships, and gift certificates to favorite restaurants or clubs.  If the shower is a small gathering, make it an evening of fun and visit some of the bride’s or couple’s favorite stomping grounds!

HOLIDAY SHOWER: Assign each guest a holiday.  Their gift should reflect that choice.  For instance, if a guest is assigned Thanksgiving, a good gift might be a large platter, a carving knife, an apron and perhaps some fall-themed linens.  Or, if Valentine’s Day is assigned, the gift might include a beautiful vase, candles, chocolates and a gift certificate for a nice dinner.  The decorations can reflect all the holidays of the year!

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