Paper Tablecloths – Check Them Out!

This past weekend, our church hosted a small community musical featuring several children from our congregation.  As part of the production, our church provided a small reception for the guests and actors with punch and cookies.  Rather than serving them on our standard church-ish folding tables, I brought up a couple of paper tablecloths that I had received from MyPaperShop.

These are not “just” paper tablecovers.  I was highly impressed with the weight of the paper.  Even in our haste (and several of us man-handling them together), they never once ripped or tore.  They are durable and thick, a two-ply table cover, perfect for a simple picnic to a banquet for hundreds.

And, they are LINED.  The portion that will typically cover the top of the table has an underlay of plastic.  This is wonderful to protect fine furniture and make clean up a snap.  Dripped and even spilled punch was of no concern.  The tablecloth still held together, even when wet!

Take a look at our selection of colors, sizes and styles of paper tablecloths.  The quality is unbeatable!  And, if you are looking for a more elegant selection, please take a look at our Linen-Like table covers.

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