Paper versus Plastic Plates - What’s Best For Your Party?

Selecting tableware for your party or event may seem like one of the easiest aspects of party planning, but we’ve had customers ask us the same question time after time: Do you recommend I use paper plates or plastic plates? To be quite honest, it comes down to personal preference, budget, and the type of event you are hosting. There are so many factors involved that it’s hard to answer such a general question without digging for more particular information.

If you’re hosting a private, upscale event, you may want to consider using Premium Plastic Plates. Private, elegant events tend to include a smaller guest list, which can sometimes allow you to spend a bit more on certain areas. These plates are still disposable, yet they’re a step up from your standard plastic plates because they don’t look disposable.

Premium Plastic Party Plates & Trays

Premium Plastic Party Plates & Trays

If you’re hosting a casual event – outdoor or indoor, using paper plates is just fine. Again, there are many factors involved. Paper plates are usually less expensive, but sometimes your menu is best served on plasticware or real china. Although most paper options are not very environmentally friendly, they are definitely more “green” than plastic plates.

Now, if you’re truly looking to host an event and be earth-conscious, we suggest using compostable plates that are made from bagasse, the natural by-product of sugar cane production. Of course you’ll need to go the extra mile and locate a composting facility in your area, but we think the extra penny is worth it when you’re preserving our planet. Again, personal preference.


At the end of the day, it’s your party and your pocketbook. We suggest making a list of prices for visual comparison versus a list of the party vibe for which you’re striving. Go from there and call us if you need a bit more help. We’re here Monday through Friday for you!


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