Patriotic Food and Drink Ideas for an All-American Party


One of the most unique and fun aspects of holiday food is the seasonal color palette we use when making our festive spreads – St. Patrick’s Day has us eating and drinking green, Halloween calls for black and orange, and of course, for the 4th of July, we bring out the red, white, and blue.

So how can you incorporate these patriotic colors into your 4th of July party feast? With a little bit of creativity, it’s easy to wow your guests with tasty treats that show off your holiday spirit.

4th of July

1. Burgers and Hot Dogs:  Backyard cookouts are as much a part of Independence Day celebrations as fireworks. But this isn’t St. Patrick’s Day, when using food coloring to dye meat or bread would be acceptable. (And to be honest, it’s not all that appetizing on St. Patty’s Day, either.) So what can you do to add a splash of red, white, and blue to your main course?

Try setting up a patriotic condiment station for your burgers and brats! On a festively decorated table, arrange toppings, buns, meats, and condiments on red, white, and blue platters. You could even add an American flag food pick to each bun! With such a bright, colorful spread, even a humble hot dog will seem like a special holiday treat.

2. Drinks: Sure, you could break out the red fruit punch or the blue Kool-Aid, but why limit yourself to one color, when you could layer all three in one cup? Fill a clear plastic cup with ice, and then create colored layers by filling it a third of the way full with cranberry or pomegranate juice, then adding another layer of blue sports drink, and finally topping it off with lemon-lime soda.

Another take on the red, white, and blue beverage is a fruity concoction that leaves a delicious treat once the drink is gone! Serve any red juice with sliced starfruit, whole blueberries, and sliced strawberries to create an all-American drink to cool off the hot summer day.

3. Desserts: It’s easy to go crazy in the sweets department on Independence Day – there are so many delectable recipes for patriotic desserts, it can be tempting to make more than you could ever need! The best plan is to choose two to four different desserts, and then make enough of them to go around.

Red, white, and blue frosting is the order of the day, whether it’s on cupcakes, cookies, or cakes. Sliced fruits and berries are also perfect for topping desserts festively, with a good dollop of whipped cream to add the finishing touch. You can also get creative, and make strawberry, blueberry, and banana kabobs, or arrange red, white, and blue iced cake pops in the shape of a flag on a platter. The sky’s the limit when it comes to 4th of July treats – just be sure to provide enough patriotic napkins to deal with all that juicy fruit and creamy icing!

By adding holiday color to your 4th of July party meal, you’ll be making it a feast to remember! Don’t forget to stock up on party supplies from My Paper Shop to ensure you throw the very best party ever!


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