Plastic Tablecloths Are A Plus With Little Ones!

I am quite possibly the laziest housekeeper known in the Northern Hemisphere, if not the world.  It absolutely pains me to clean the windows, tidy up the playroom and vacuum the living room, never mind mopping!  If I can find away around the mop, I am certainly going to run with it!

That’s probably why my husband and I keep a nice supply of plastic tablecloths on hand.  We have kids.  Kids make messes.  And, rather than sweeping or mopping all the time, we throw a plastic tablecloth under the table.  It is so much easier to clean up after meals.  Once the kids are done eating, we pull up the tablecloth, and if it is just crumbs, we’ll shake it out in the backyard to be reused again.  The birds LOVE the crumbs and it gives the tablecloth a little bit of extra shelf-life, so to speak.  And, when the tablecloth has run its course, we just get a new one to put down!

Using plastic tablecloths like this has kept our kitchen cleaning to a minimum and makes spills and drips a cinch to clean up!

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