Pumpkin Carving Contest: Top 5 Popular Designs

Decorating is a huge part of the Halloween holiday fun and arts and crafts projects usually go hand in hand with this rather important task. One of the basic, not to mention classic, elements of decorating for All Hallow’s Eve is pumpkin carving! Go pick out the perfect pumpkin(s), download your favorite stencil (or do your own if you’re so lucky to be that talented), carve, pop a candle inside and voila. It adds instant festive flair to your porch or home entrance. Make a day of it in the next couple of weeks so that you can display it for a good amount of time before the big night.


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you agree that these are the most popular pumpkin carving designs?:


1. Classic Jack O’ Lantern - It may sound boring, but the Jack O’ Lantern is a staple of Halloween pumpkin carving. It doesn’t matter how “unoriginal” it sounds or may be, it never gets old. Just the thought of it gets me in the Halloween spirit! Pop a candle inside at night and you’re golden!

2. Spooky Cat - Black cats will forever be creepy and associated with bad luck or omens. It’s another fundamental element of the holiday and the loyal companion to all those fictional witches we read about!

3. Friendly Ghost - Who can forget about Casper the Friendly Ghost? He is so adorable and so essential to this holiday. You carving design doesn’t necessarily need to be Casper, but you get the idea!

4. Wicked Witch - Are there any good witches besides Glenda in The Wizard of Oz? You can’t have Halloween without witches, as illustrated by the classic 90s film “Hocus Pocus.” They’re evil and the ones stirring the cauldron of trouble on All Hallow’s Eve!

5. Wacky Faces - If you have younger children to entertain, I would recommend choosing a silly face to carve! They’re funny and it’ll get the kids in good spirits about a holiday that is scary to some. Enjoy!


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