In my region of the country, it is a BIG DEAL when a girl turns fifteen.  Banquet halls are booked, festive ball gowns are purchased, and the girl is presented to society at her quinceanera.

A quinceanera can be compared to a Sweet Sixteen, cotillion, or even debutante ball.  While regions tend to dictate the type and style of party given (formal, informal, religious, etc), a quinceanera is quite common among the Hispanic community.

Celebrating such an event can take many forms.  Quinceaneras have been given as huge dances, large dinner parties, and even as a formal mass or other church service followed by a reception.  The honoree is “presented” to society as no longer being a young girl but emerging into the social scene as a young woman.  In any venue, stylish decorations and party goods are essential.  Finding quince anos-themed supplies can oftentimes be difficult, so take advantage of supplies when found.

A quinceanera can make any young girl feel special and honored.  Take time to celebrate this coming of age moment!

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