Remembering Memorial Day

Contrary to popular belief, Memorial Day is not just the day the community swimming pool re-opens for the summer or that weekend set aside “by God” for camping and barbecuing. In fact, Memorial Day is the national holiday taken to observe and remember those who have died to serve our country.

Whether or not someone close to you has died on duty for our country, it goes without saying that any one of those men/women could have been your brother, sister, father, mother, grandfather or dear friend. If perhaps you choose to perceive you are genealogically-orphaned, than take into consideration that most every freedom granted to you under your country’s constitution has been the result of the fight of those we remember on May 25, 2009.

Although barbeques are the most popular way to spend the day celebrating with friends and family, it is possible to break-up the three day weekend for some charitable opportunities. A great way to spend an afternoon out of the holiday weekend is baking patriotically themed treats and delights. Cupcakes and cookies decorated with flags, stars, camouflage prints or military hats would look adorable in a bake sale with all funds raised going towards a local charity or to be used to purchase thank you gift baskets for a group of active officials.

To add pizzazz and appeal to the tables, embellish Patriotic Serving Trays/Platters with the baked goods or special treats. It will remind your customers of the cause and make your “work space” more decorative at the same time!

No matter how you commemorate our soldiers this year, make sure to spend time with friends, family and loved ones.

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