Royal Birthday Boys


There is absolutely no way that there can be no “baby” in the family. If the child is an only child they’re destined to reap the benefits of being spoiled and pampered; on the other hand, the chain has to end somewhere. The baby in our family happens to have 8 older siblings who happen to have a weakness for: the Pookenator.

His birthday was yesterday and boy did he think he deserved the world. It was his special day (blah, blah), and we decided to keep his birthday party fun and simple. He plays T-ball so of course, we incorporated a baseball theme that him and his team pals would enjoy. The mother baked a cake and decked it out with a baseball scene. Younger boys tend to enjoy and/or participate in sports so a Sports Themed party is not a novel idea.

We used metallic balloons with a baseball print to add a festive mood to the team’s snack area. Although it wasn’t a birthday party we planned weeks in advanced with invitations and the whole deal, the little gathering was a perfect way to end this “All-Star’s” t-ball season.

When in doubt, sports are usually a safe bet. Think back and smile at the time when a stray ball made them happy. Nowadays, they turn six and they want those crazy gadgets that cost you an arm and a leg only for the latest gadget to be out 10 minutes later.

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