Spring Graduation Planning

We are now well into March and the spring season is definitely underway. Those of you who instantly become Irish this time of year have St. Patrick’s Day later this week and by the end of the month to early April, we can welcome the Spring Break-ers with open arms. In spite of the recent natural disaster in Japan, a nice break from routine (for students, at least) is a silver lining in the clouds. It is a good time to go home, be with family and really appreciate the people and blessings in our lives.

As stated in a previous post, a local getaway is definitely a favorite concept. Because it is local, however, it is possible to cut the getaway in half and perhaps help plan your graduation party as a way to bond and alleviate the coordinators’ stress. We have just introduced our newest line of Collegiate Party Supplies and are beyond thrilled to share them with you. Solid colored tableware suggestions have been included for all schools to help with alternate décor ideas or simply to complete the theme. Some of the tableware can be given a trial run during Spring Break.

Rejoice that finals are over (almost) & start browsing your alma mater! Good luck!

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