Superhero Birthday Party for Adults & Children

Marvel Comics are undeniably huge among kids, and that obscure, now trendy population of adult nerds. When I was growing up, my younger sister was too young to engage in any games, so I played with my brother. This meant a lot of Superhero themed games and anything that didn’t involve pink dolls or dress-up in mom’s heels. It was a bummer at first, but I learned to love it and we to this day, we still bond over huge comic book movies.

The best part of throwing old-school themed birthday parties for adults is the nostalgic effects they can have. There’s nothing like vintage. Trust me, I found a vintage inspired Ghost Busters sweater a couple years ago and I’ve gotten several compliments-all people remembering the good ole 90s.


For a young boy’s party, I would select a nice palette of bold colors (solid colored party supplies)-chosen based on his favorite superhero. You could purchase select party plates, napkins or cups with the licensed design if you prefer. We have an awesome 3D Superhero Party ensemble that includes a few great decor items. This design is full of life, color and great comic book sound bubbles. Based off that concept, you can make your own table centerpieces and banners even. The main thing is to ask the parents to dress up the guests in superhero costumes. How fun would that be?

Although dressing up for most males is out of the question, some might go for it…so don’t recommend it. For adults, ask the guests to wear their favorite vintage comic book tee shirt, or wear something comic-book related. What you could do is rent a few costumes to lay out on a Photobooth table as props. The pictures would be classic and make for some great memories.

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