5 Little-Known January Holidays

When you think of January, you think of fresh starts, new beginnings, parties, champagne, etc. It’s a busy month and it’s completely okay to overlook that January holidays are perhaps the oddest holidays. I picked five of these little-known January holidays to share because there is literally a wacky celebration to look forward to on each day of the month. Some of them have got to be made up, but we’ll roll with it for the sake of starting the year off with laughs and a lighthearted approach to 2014. By the way, what are some of your New Year’s resolutions this year? We’d love to hear the challenges you have set for yourselves this coming year.


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Oktoberfest is a German festival, and the world’s largest fair, that dates back to approximately 1810. The crown prince and princess of Germany at the time held the celebration in honor of their marriage. The festival lasts 16 days when celebrated in Munich and is celebrated widely around the world.

English: The Oktoberfest in Munich from Ferris...

English: The Oktoberfest in Munich from Ferris wheel Deutsch: Münchner Oktoberfest vom Riesenrad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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