3 Great Reasons To Stock Your Office With Party Supplies

How do you handle birthdays in your office? Does someone always end up having to run out the night before to buy some decorations and paper plates for the celebration? Or even dashing out the morning of?

What about when clients come for meetings? Do you offer them refreshments, but then have to hand them their drink in a boring, cheap white Styrofoam coffee cup?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a stash of premium party supplies in your office that you could make use of whenever the occasion presented itself? If you were ready for any celebration or any meeting at a moment’s notice, without having to send someone to the store in a panic, or settle for using paper products that don’t do justice to your company’s image?

Then why not stock up on bulk party supplies from My Paper Shop? There are countless reasons why being prepared is a good idea. Here are the top three.

Office Party

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How To Host A Girls’ Luau Party

Summer officially arrived this past Friday. The children have been out of school for a little over a week now and if you thought you had a relaxing three months ahead, you’re probably wrong. Well relaxing, but busy. Tons of moms take advantage of kids’ time off from school to immerse them in summer sports, activities or play dates. The social calendar can fill up very quickly! Summer babies during this time have the lucky opportunity to celebrate their birthdays at the pool, the beach or the park.


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Personalized Guest Towels

Monogrammed Guest Hand Towels, or even plain solid colored paper guest towels, are making a comeback. My grandmother is old fashioned in many ways and she always manages to surprise the family with the little mannerisms that are so specific to her. She just had an eye procedure done last week and our family stopped by for a visit this past weekend. In spite of all her health issues, Lola likes to keep her space guest-ready.

She is so cute. Her bathroom is set up with matching towels and bathroom accessories that include lavender paper guest towels for her guests. It totally brought to mind all of the phone calls we’ve received from customers requesting high quality guest hand towels for their bathrooms.

I know having the perfect guest room and “powder room” is essential and a dream come true for many new wives. Ladies, (or involved new husbands) take it a step further with monogrammed guest hand towels sporting the initial of the last name you both share now. ;-)

Labor Day

Time seems to go by a lot quicker during vacation season. In just one month, we’ll scheduling our last summer hurrah, students will go back to class, the sun (in most places) will go back to it’s normal temperature and tanning salons will be booming with business again. Labor Day is traditionally viewed as the last holiday to celebrate the end of summer, the last chance for summer trips and for the hip teens, the last party weekend before school.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, isn’t it? Knowing the end of summer vacation is coming only makes it more stressful for those of us who stress about the date nearing instead of enjoying the last few weeks. For some of us, it’s the time to squeeze in quality time with our significant other before football season officially begins.

So, take that last nap by the pool and enjoy the grilled hamburgers made by undistracted football maniacs, ladies! Football themed party supplies are a great way to greet the upcoming season. :)

Closet Swap Luncheons

They say the economy will get worse before it gets better. I’m sure the news (not to mention reality) has definitely rearranged a lot of your priorities. Things that seemed imperative before, all of a sudden seem so silly. Being on a tight budget can also inspire loads of creativity in the fashion department. After all, women are wild about keeping their look “fresh” and getting photographed in the same outfit too much can defeat the whole purpose of a picture. Right, ladies?

A popular party theme that has slowly begun to emerge is one in which your guests bring accessories and clothing items (in good in condition) that they no longer use. The host can decorate with areas in which guests can hang their clothing or display their accessories and everyone can shop around at each station. I suggest throwing a potluck in there (a girl needs to eat to remain in “shopping mode” for long periods of time) and making your paper goods the majority of the decorations.

P.S. Polka Dot and Stripe themed napkins and plates are cute and simple!

Plastic Tablecloths Are A Plus With Little Ones!

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