3 Great Reasons To Stock Your Office With Party Supplies

How do you handle birthdays in your office? Does someone always end up having to run out the night before to buy some decorations and paper plates for the celebration? Or even dashing out the morning of?

What about when clients come for meetings? Do you offer them refreshments, but then have to hand them their drink in a boring, cheap white Styrofoam coffee cup?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a stash of premium party supplies in your office that you could make use of whenever the occasion presented itself? If you were ready for any celebration or any meeting at a moment’s notice, without having to send someone to the store in a panic, or settle for using paper products that don’t do justice to your company’s image?

Then why not stock up on bulk party supplies from My Paper Shop? There are countless reasons why being prepared is a good idea. Here are the top three.

Office Party

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3 Ways To Upgrade Your Customer Restrooms

Whether you run a premium spa, an upscale car dealership, a concierge medical office, or a luxury hotel, you understand that every minute detail of your guests’ experience matters. And one detail that can make a big impression on your customers – positive or negative – is the state of your business’s restrooms.

Much of a customer restroom’s appearance depends on the fixtures and furnishings already installed. From polished marble countertops and gilded mirror frames, to sleek modern lines and minimalist décor, coordinating your restroom’s style to fit your business is an important part of the overall luxury feel of your space.

But simply having the right hardware installed is not enough. The things that get noticed in a customer restroom are the small touches, the thoughtful additions that demonstrate how much you care. Here are just a few of the ways you can show your customers how important every moment of their experience is to you.


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Family Fun Centers: Bring In More Business With the Right Party Supplies!

There’s no denying that there’s something magical about family fun centers. From bowling to laser tag, and from arcade games to mini golf, family fun centers provide something for everyone. Kids love them for their excitement and variety, and moms love them because they make it so easy to keep the whole family – or even a crowd of kiddos – happy for hours.

So what could possibly add to the allure of a family fun center, and help it appeal to an even wider audience - and bring in even more business?

The right paper products and party supplies.


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Zebra Print Bridal Shower Party

Animal prints are still popular themes for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. I wanted to share some adorable pictures from a zebra print bridal shower that took place a couple weekends ago. One of our girls planned and decorated for the party. It was a success to say the least. I think she has a happy bride on her hands so far, which is great. We don’t want any bridezillas on the loose!

Zebra Print Dessert Table

Zebra Print Dessert Table. - Silver Foil Curtains, Black Plastic Table Skirts & Black Plastic Serving Trays were all used to put this look together.

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Personalized Guest Towels

Monogrammed Guest Hand Towels, or even plain solid colored paper guest towels, are making a comeback. My grandmother is old fashioned in many ways and she always manages to surprise the family with the little mannerisms that are so specific to her. She just had an eye procedure done last week and our family stopped by for a visit this past weekend. In spite of all her health issues, Lola likes to keep her space guest-ready.

She is so cute. Her bathroom is set up with matching towels and bathroom accessories that include lavender paper guest towels for her guests. It totally brought to mind all of the phone calls we’ve received from customers requesting high quality guest hand towels for their bathrooms.

I know having the perfect guest room and “powder room” is essential and a dream come true for many new wives. Ladies, (or involved new husbands) take it a step further with monogrammed guest hand towels sporting the initial of the last name you both share now. ;-)

Quick Ideas For Entertaining

No one likes to be bogged down with tedious little chores before an event, no matter how large or small the gathering will be.  Here are some great tips to simplify tasks for the host or hostess while still adding a personal touch to the evening.

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Honoring The Retiree

It is a day to which so many look forward.  Retirement day: no more 8 - 5, no more commutes, no more work responsibilities.  More time for family, for home, for neighbors, for hobbies.  And, many times, retirement day is a celebration.  It can be something as simple as a lunch or dinner at a favorite restaurant, or it can be a full-blown gala event, complete with music, drinks and cake.

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